Jillian Hawkins-Zhorne

Real Estate Consultant

About Jillian Hawkins-Zhorne

Jillian’s philosophy is to work FOR her client and their best interest with the highest quality of expertise and experience. With her 30 years experience in Real Estate, she is keenly aware that most often your home is the biggest investment in your life. That is why representing her clients with integrity, a high quality of communication and service is her first priority. Having expertise in client relations, market knowledge and negotiations gives her clients the upper hand in this very competitive market. During the initial consultation with Jillian, you will create and design strategies that will fit your budget, location and most importantly securing the life style and type of home you are looking for. Jillian is ready to partner with you today. To receive her book about how to sell your home for more money please order at values.jillianzhorneauthor.com.

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